School Council

Two pupils from each Key Stage 2 class represent the views of the children in their class on the Mountbatten School Council.   Voting for representatives takes place at the start of the Autumn Term, with all pupils able to nominate themselves to be a School Councillor and all  present a case to their peers as to why they should be chosen.

The School Council meetings are led by Miss Jewitt and Mrs Greenfield and take place regularly to discuss issues and consider solutions for these.

During 2019-2020, these are some of the things that the School Council have been involved with:

  • Creating a Chatter Zone on the KS2 playground
  • Planning further improvements to the KS1 and KS2 playground to improve the  playtime and lunchtime environment e.g. plants and flowers, reading zones
  • Working alongside the IPC members to promote recycling across school
  •  Planning a gardening area on the school site linked to the PSQM
  •  Writing questions to ask Karl Turner (MP) to ask during his visit
  •  Representing the school when visitors attend school
  • Liaising with IPC members and supporting them in their roles

International Pupil Council (IPC)

Two Year 5 pupils at Mountbatten Primary School have been selected to represent the school on the International Pupil Council (IPC).  Meetings are held once a half term, and the pupils attend each meeting with Miss Jewitt or Mrs Greenfield.

During the 2019-2020 meetings, the IPC members have been discussing how to help create a more sustainable school.  At Mountbatten Primary School, here are some of the things they have done to support this:

  • Emailed Hull City Council and received compost caddies to use in EYFS and Key Stage 1
  • Planned a theme afternoon, which the whole school took part in, with all pupils producing posters that are now displayed around school
  • Used recycled materials to re-create the Mountbatten logo
  • Created own bags for life out of scrap paper and old pieces of material

Alongside the School Council, they have put together a care package for pupils at our link school, Chosen Generation, in Freetown.

The International Pupil Council was set up in 2010, as a way of creating links between schools and pupils in Hull and Freetown, Sierra Leone.  During the meetings there is discussion about joint projects as well as making new friendships and links.  Mountbatten Primary School is linked to Chosen Generation School in Freetown.  Last year, their Headteacher Aminata Contah, visited Hull and spent a few days in school working with different year groups.  In October 2019, Mrs Greenfield visited Freetown and spent a few days at the Chosen Generation School and taught the pupils in a range of subjects.

Head Boy and Head Girl

The Head Boy and Head Girl are a role model to our pupils and will liaise with the Senior Leadership Team to ensure the school runs smoothly. They will deal with everyday issues such as greeting visitors, resolving issues and communicating with lunchtime supervisors. They are the voice of the school and will lead assemblies, information events and inform children of changes to school life.

Deputy Head Boy and Girl

The Deputies support the Head Boy and Girl in the running of the school. They will be involved in sharing information, assemblies and finding out pupil’s views and opinions.

Elections for Head and Deputies

The Head Boy and Head Girl play a crucial part in the life of the school. At the beginning of a new academic year, the school hosts an election campaign for the children to decide who will be best to represent the school. All children have the opportunity to vote for who they want to take on these important roles in school.